Wall Mounted Racks

Wall Mounted Rack, and Samsung Telephone System Installs

Los Angeles

Modular Voice and Data with a Samsung OS7100

The Rack is over 6 feet off the ground!

Same Company, New York City Store:

Wall Mount Rack. Modular Voice and Data with a Samsung OS7200. Multiple DSL circuits and a dedicated British Telecom circuit for the POS System!

New York City -- Provisioning Phones





2 Racks, 2 ladders, and plenty of cable management

A 2 rack install in Petaluma. Around 150 data drops. Many of these drops went to cubical furniture. Feeding cables into cubical furniture is a LOT of work!


Penetrators above cable ladders. Yes, the ladders are technically upside down. It's still functional, AND it's what the client prefers.

Dressing cable across the ladder rack and preparing to punch down onto the patch panels

The system administrator was patching through workstations as fast as I was certifying the cables! You can see my tester hanging off the cable manager. --Maybe he will go back and dress into the cable managers after patching through?